Wise's Body Oars easily run the bodies and hearts of weak, elderly, and disabled adults through massively empowering workouts painlessly.  

The 3 devices shown here allow extreme exertion of core muscles almost regardless of the condition of extremity joints.  They could even be powerfully used by athletes just days after breaking a leg or arm or tearing up an elbow or knee.  


Before Wise's Body Oars, almost every cardio workout device was useless for most mobility disabled and elderly adults. 

In 2009 Wise duplicated a hundred of his Lower Body Oar (LOBOS) prototypes for the motion hindered adults who contacted him after seeing him in these and other clips on YouTube. 


If interested, here are their LOBOS

    (Wise paid nothing for their reports, and each paid him $200 for their copies) 

After a half dozen bizarrely unrelated arguments  from the US Patent Office, his attorney told him "they have not issued a major market-disrupting patent to an Average American Joe since the Wright Brothers." 

Offering weak, elderly and disabled adults devices that provide painless marathons worth of exercise would be a major market disruption. 

After going nearly bankrupt trying, Wise has not discussed or shown most of over 200 more adult empowering devices and methods (to the public or US Patent Office) that he had successfully prototyped since inventing Body Oars. 

He plans on manufacturing many of them on Sullivant's Hill after the Upper Columbus Project begins.