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Inventor/author Craig Wise painlessly works his Body Oars for 15 minutes daily. He has never lifted weights, tried a set of sit-ups, not one bench press, or played physical sports before his late 50s. Video shot 6/7/23, three weeks before starting his 68th year. 

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Wise's Body Oars efficiently run the bodies and hearts of weak, elderly, and disabled adults through massively empowering daily workouts painlessly and in just a few minutes.


Very few middle-aged and older adults have joints and spines that can handle enough force to build seriously. Frequent traditional workouts can pour new muscle into older folks for the first few weeks. But most stop trying after a few more weeks because we can't replace cartilage quickly enough to maintain that much intense exercise.

Wise's Body Oars carry most of the effort and resistance forces around spines and joints as tension energy, allowing large muscle groups to work much harder than their joints. So older adults get to intensely work their muscles and hearts without overworking their joints and spines.   


Wise never consistently exercised until his late 30s, and that was only to help him fight advanced cancer, which he did. He has used his body Oars for a few minutes most days since about 2009.   

Most of his body-building inventions also resist opposing muscle motions, so the return motions also build strength. Traditional workout devices only exert the forward motion, not the return motion. Production models will allow users to adjust this balance. 

His devices also allow full-range resistance, which is impossible with most traditional methods. 

Wise has successfully prototyped around a hundred devices using his joint bypassing concepts. Many are not exercise machines. 

The three devices shown here allow extreme exertion of core muscles almost regardless of the condition of extremity joints. 


Versions could even be powerfully used by athletes just days after breaking a leg or arm or tearing up an elbow or knee.  


In 2009, Wise built one hundred of his Lower Body Oar (LOBOS) prototypes for the motion-hindered adults who contacted him after seeing these and other clips on YouTube. 


If interested, here are their testimonies

(Wise paid nothing for their reports, and each paid him $200 for their Lower Body Oars prototypes) 

Wise intends to manufacture several versions on Sullivant's Hill after the Upper Columbus Project starts rolling.  


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