Incredible Hilltop Legend Confirmed from Space:
Just 4 months before ground broke for the Hollywood Casino, an FDA Satellite snapped this image of our country's first spy complex, being removed

America's 1st underground spy Headquarters

To verify that these images and their order have not been altered, enter "Hollywood Casino Columbus" into Google Earth Pro, then click "historical imagery."  #2  and #3 are also the only images available between #1 and #4.


Columbus's Avoided Hilltop Hides America's Coolest Top-Secret History:

The first image (#1) was taken in August of 2009. It shows General Motors's abandoned Hilltop factory several months before it was demolished. This factory was large enough to host 34 NFL games simultaneously. At peak times it employed over 10,000 workers and staff.  


​​#2 shows the last factory debris being removed in May of 2010. This factory had nearly 2 acres of shallow basement space with numerous restrooms, locker rooms, chemical, and equipment storage, a row of offices, a nursing station, a kitchen, an enormous cafeteria, and a basement cargo entrance centered along the factory's east side.


That lunchroom was well over 100 feet wide by 100 feet long. Dozens of thick steel posts supported the factory floor above it.


Early during demolition, these basement rooms were filled with crushed concrete and wood from the factory's floor, combined with soil brought in from other construction sites. This image has the highest resolution of all four, clearly verifying that those basement rooms were already filled.

Eight months later, in December of 2010, #3 was taken.

​The remains of an F-shaped underground structure, over 1100 feet long by 50 feet wide, are visible. Notice that the factory debris and the coal-burning power plant (in #2 near the blue dot) are gone, proving that Google Earth did not accidentally switch #2 with #3. This correct timeline (order) verifies that this structure was not part of the GM factory.

It was taken four months before the ground broke for the Hollywood Casino. At that time, this site was secured for Hazmat engineers to remove the metallic contamination that GM had supposedly dumped into several lagoons over 1000 feet southeast of the underground structure. You can see those lagoons near the bottom right of the first 3 images. 

​​​Was it newly dug to remove other contamination that was not reported?

​​Not this anomaly. When ground pollution is removed, engineers dig under and around it, leaving craters that look more like the moon's surface. This 1100 foot long F-shaped structure is perfectly symmetrical and in direct alinement with West Broad Street, a thousand feet to its north.


In 1861, West Broad Street was America's National Trail. 


At that time, 50-foot iron beams were being forged in Pennsylvania for railroad bridges. These would have been the likely (maybe only) choice for an underground roof. This would explain why the structure was only 50-feet wide. Additionally, during the Civil War, most Union Army engineers came from the railroad.  


Notice the remains of a mountain of soil that recently covered over an acre of land ​just beyond the northwest corner of the structure.  There is no trace of this mountain in the previous or subsequent image. This would have been the 15 or so feet of dirt that sat above the complex's iron roof.


Obviously, this structure is being filled at this time. That mountain of earth had already been shoved back into it, mainly along the east-west northern section. We cannot tell how much fill dirt had been brought in by the day this image was taken. However, shadows indicate that 10-15 more feet of soil were still needed to fill it. ​No trace of the underground structure was noticeable during the casino's groundbreaking ceremony four months later (April 2011).


The legend claims America's first secret spy compound was packed with the country's ancient secret "things" when it was sealed under the factory in 1945.

This satellite image verified that a secret underground complex was indeed beneath that factory, exactly where the Legend of Sullivant's Hill claimed. 

​If it had been cleared of this junk before the factory was built, Washington would have likely ignored it as a remnant of Camp Chase, a Civil War prison camp. If it was packed with secret old federal junk, Washington would have needed it cleared before the casino builders stumbled over it.


​​In 2016 Wise called Franklin County's Engineering Department to ask what they know about this structure in this satellite image. After being bounced around, no one knew anything about it. 

In their defense, on Saturday, February 1st, 1879, at 1:00 in the morning, arsonists, apparently using keys and combinations, snuck into the Franklin County Courthouse, then its vault. Inside they soaked all records and maps of Sullivant's Hill in coal oil, then turned them into ashes. So the county would not have the records of something built-in 1861. Here is the Columbus Dispatch article titled Burning the Records from that afternoon. 

Wise also verified that this structure was not part of underground utilities or installed for stormwater drainage.  

​​​#4 is the only satellite image we know of taken during the casino's construction. It was taken in December 2011, 12 months after #3. Notice the casino is already under its roof.  

#3 is the only image we could access showing the underground structure.

We have made many more supporting observations from just these satellite images. Not one indicates that it could be anything beside the legend. Here are several of the most interesting:


In # 2 and #3, the foundation of an earlier building is visible over what appears to be the hidden entrance to the underground structure, 150' x 250' foot. If this ancient building hid the access to a secret underground structure, it would have had to have a railroad track entering it. 


The bed of a former track that once ran directly to that ancient foundation is visible in both #2 and #3.  This rail runs south to the Camp Chase Railroad. That railroad was installed over Sullivant's Hill (the Hilltop) in or just before 1848.

When the GM factory opened in 1945, it had two railroads that entered it. They were just inside the plant's east and west sidewalls. Another track brought coal to its powerplant. This old track bed that ends at that ancient foundation would have run through the center of the GM factory. It did not have a rail running through its center, just along its sides.

When the factory was built, this central rail was blocked off about 30 feet before reaching the plant, in it's southern parking lot. GM still used it to bring new cars and trucks to this enormous parking lot for storage.  You can see all three rails in #1 if you check it out using Google Earth Pro