Incredible Hilltop Legend Confirmed from Space:
Four months before the Hollywood Casino's groundbreaking ceremony, an FDA Satellite snapped the only known image (#3) of America's first underground spy complex.
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America's 1st underground spy Headquarters

To verify that these images and their order are unaltered and to view full resolution, enter "Hollywood Casino Columbus" into Google Earth Pro, then open "historical imagery."  #2  and #3 are the only images available between #1 and #4. People have suggested that Google accidentally switched #2 with #3. Notice GM's coal-burning power plant in #2 beside the tiny blue dot near the bottom-right. That power plant is long gone by #3, proving that Google got it right. 

  • Image 1 (from August 2009)  shows the GM factory just before its demolition began. 

  • Image 2 (May 2010) shows the clear land after the demolition. The 33-acre factory had nearly 2-acres of very shallow basement space, including a vast cafeteria, nursing station, restrooms, some offices, and chemical and parts storage.

  • Men who worked on this demolition remember clearing out and filling those basement rooms with soil and rock trucked in from other sites before cutting this steel-framed factory apart. The outline of those basement rooms and the wide stairway downstairs are visible in 2 and 3. Image 2 exposes that none of the basement rooms were above the underground structure.

  • Image #3 is from four months before the casino broke ground. It clearly shows an 1150-foot-long F-shaped underground structure being buried.

  • I studied these images for weeks; this structure has nothing to do with underground utilities or storm drainage.

  • If newly excavated to remove contamination, it would look like many moon creators, not a precisely designed 1150-foot geometrical structure.  

  • On the structure's northeast corner, you can see where a huge mound of soil had appeared after image 2, yet was already gone by this image (3). You can also see the bulldozer tracks that had finished shoving that mountain of soil back into the structure. 

  • The legend lady said this underground structure was a hidden weapon factory during the Civil War. This construction perfectly matches the technical capabilities of that time. Almost all Union Army engineers came from the railroad industry. This structure is consistently just under 50 feet wide. The only practical material that could support 15 to 20 feet of soil piled above (back then) were 50-foot iron girders that these same engineers had been using to construct railroad bridges.    

  •  After it was mostly abandoned (by 1930), it became the hidden junkyard of the nation's obsolete secret things. The legend lady said it was closed and forever sealed in 1944.

  • So Washington had to clear it out before the casino builders stumbled over it. This would explain why it was exposed just before the casino construction began. Had it been cleared out in 1944, federal secret keepers could have just ignored it, truthfully agreeing "those builders must have found a secret Civil War facility."  

  • Also, this site was closed for the winter of 2010, as hazmat teams pumped tons of metallic waste that General Motors had dumped into several lagoons. These lagoons were along this 88-acre site's eastern boundary behind the houses on the far right, over a thousand feet away from the underground structure.

  •  Image 4, December 2011, shows the casino after eight months of construction. Not a single shred of the underground structure remained. 

  • Also, eight months earlier, the underground structure was not visible during the casino's groundbreaking ceremony. I saw this personally when I took a bicycle ride around the site that week. That was the first time I noticed the casino's seven deep drainage ponds (they are visible in image 4).

  • The earth excavated from these very deep ponds was enough to finish burying the underground facility and raise the elevation of the casino about ten feet.

  • Other customers claimed that another underground factory sat about a half-mile north of this site and that it was built during World War 1. It was supposedly sealed beneath a massive Westinghouse factory about one half-mile north, also in 1945. That building still stands as Big Lots' national warehouse. Therefore if that complex also existed, it should still be there, intact. 

  • However, no one provided in-depth details or physical evidence of it. The retired legend lady from GM did not mention any other underground facilities. 

  • In 2016 (after discovering this satellite imagery that verified her words), I outlined five spy action-comedy novels based on the countless stories that had bounced around my head for decades, then began writing them.

  • The Southern Cross is the second ORPHAN Agent novel I completed (clean draft form), but it will be the first released, this summer.

  • The first, Sullivant's Hill, entirely takes place in Central Ohio and ends with the formation of ORPHAN, so I did not feel it would have enough national appeal to start the ORPHAN series. The Southern Cross takes place four years after ORPHAN opened and races around the world. 

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