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Lower Body Oars (LOBOS) Testimonies


1. Science Director of The Heartland Institute 

Dr. Jay Lehr, age 76 using his LOBOS Prototypes (PC background) 

reported this to me back when he was 75: 


"My first day I told Craig; after a week or two I should be able to tell if LOBOS can improve my strength and speed', but he started laughing as he said:


"You'll know after ten seconds"  


"He was right!, I now use my LOBOS every day that I am home" 


Note: Jay paid for his LOBOS prototypes, we have not paid the first penny for any testimony, there is no need.   

Below are just some of the reports from users of our Non-Kinetic workout methods and devices sent to  AOL holds all emails on their servers, not ours, so these messages are still there, we can pull them up on your computer. We have far more from other directions.


David G  Sun, Feb 10, 2013 7:59 pm



Just wanted to let you know I've been using the oars for the last week or so. They are great!  I can feel an impact already and I think they will be a huge complement to my regular exercise routine, which is mostly swimming, with some stationary bike and free weights.


I think you've really made a great invention. I wish you all the best in commercializing it.


Just one question for now-- do you recommend using LOBOS every day, or should I take days off between sessions?   Best,  David




Shirley D  Sat, Apr 14, 2012 11:14 am


I have used Grace's  LOBOS, I have had both knee's replaced in the last couple of years and in preparation for surgery recovery I strengthened my core as much as possible the result was a quick recovery but at the same time I need something to challenge my current workouts.


When I used your LOBOS I immediately felt my abdominals and leg muscles being worked and no pain in the knee area.


I limited my time with the LOBOS to 15 minutes and worked slowly which resulted in no muscle pain the next day.


Thank you again, I will go out to your web site and place my order right away.


Your truly,

Shirley D



from Jim T Fri, Apr 17, 2015 2:44 pm


Thank you Craig!

I am super excited about the body oars. I am moving to Las Vegas in a few weeks and can't wait to start using these. I use the one pair Grace has at the gym and I am not gonna lie. I have had the best workouts ever. 20 min and I am feeling it! Looking forward to the results!





This one is from Dr. Jerry Sullivan, a dentist in Kingman, Arizona who saw LOBOS at, his office's Phone number is  (928) 753-6611. I am including his name and contact info because he saw this and told me to.



Even though I suffered a stress fracture of my 5th metatarsal, I was still able to do my LOBO exercises.  I wasn't able to do much else, as I wasn't allowed any weight barring for 3 months.


I'm 55 years old.  Since I started using your exercises I've gone from 245 pounds to 215 pounds.  I can't wear my old suits.  My pants are too big, and my jackets too small.  My waist was 38 inches and now it is 34, headed for 32 or perhaps a little less.  My jacket size was 48, now I need a 52.


I'm not going to have a tailored suit made until my body fat is down to around 10%, because I know over the next 6 or 8 months I can now achieve that.


Thank You!

Dr. Jerry Sullivan



Gary D  Wed, Jul 30, 2014 5:06 pm

Hi Craig,

I just went over 100 sessions of doing your workout in the last nine months.  I’ve lost over 20 pounds and feel great. I hope you and your family are doing well. Thanks for turning me on to your wonderful program.




-----Original Message-----
From: Elizabeth-


Hey Creig, Love my body oars! Getting a great work out. Been using them twice a week for 15 mins. I hope to increase it gradually.  Liz



-----Original Message-----
From: Gary S (not Gary D)

(Gary found us at Youtube but lives nearby so we brought his set to him. This is the only one from Ohio who found us online.
To: bodyoars <>
Sent: Wed, Sep 21, 2011 2:37 pm


Hi Craig,


I LOVE your water full body exercises! My one concern/comment is the ability to perform the appropriate exercises in waste deep (as opposed to shoulder deep) water, such as in larger hot tubs and swim spas. Gary S


Hi Craig,

It was a pleasure meeting you!


As for results, no question if we follow your recommendations. My wife, Jeanne, gave them a try (yes, I helped her put them on). She felt the workout this morning when she got up. I coached her through the routine as you showed me. All the right muscle groups were sore: groin, side abs, hips,  butt and lower back. Nothing disconcerting, just sore. As for me, a tightening in my hips and mid-section. No pain, but I'll be more committed the nest time. I plan on using the LOBOS every Monday, Wed., and Fri., with make-ups as needed.



 From:  Jay L> ( senior  Ironman  Champion) 

> To: bodyoars <>

> Sent: Fri, Mar 30, 2012 10:35


I have been in  Tucson for a week training for my next Senior Ironman and miss my LOBOS!  Will be back tomorrow.  They helped me so much on hundreds of miles of cycling. I use them every day I am at home!



Janne R   Sun, Apr 17, 2011 7:39 pm

Hi Craig, awesome!!!

I have been running a workout group 3x per week for a while now and lobos minimum 15 minutes for everyone.  Great group and pushing the lobos for core and abs. Looking to get my first every six pack! At my age!!!



-----Original Message-----

From: Kaine <>

To: bodyoars <>

Sent: Sun, Nov 17, 2013 8:14 am


Hey Craig,

I've been using LOBOS for 15 minutes per session every other day. My pool isn't deep enough to use upright so I sit on one of the steps and paddle. My back is now great! No more pain there!


I've also been doing your Crawl Run and thinking of getting some webbed gloves for BBIW exercises. Everyday I work my upper body with your Isometrics but just wondering if you sell UBOS to the public?


The past couple of weeks I've been dealing with a very stressful family situation along with my auntie falling over in my kitchen and breaking her hip. Exercising with LOBOS helped alleviate the stress both during and post workout.


Cheers, Kaine





-----Original Message-----
From: Lee S>
To: bodyoars <>
Sent: Fri, Apr 8, 2011 11:39 pm


Craig I love your oars!!

It took 2 aides to get me going, because I have been sitting
for most of a year. In that year I gained 45 pounds. I  am disgusted with myself, but The oars have given me such hope.


I put the life vest on first as you said and instantly floated away. I flopped my way back to the steps and Kate affixed the oars to my legs. I floated my way to the deep end.


I uprighted myself and started slow easy strides. My heels were not quite in the stirrups but the oars were well stabalized. I did 15 strides...I wanted more but stopped.I gave the oars to Kate and she used the while I just walked and did laps (slowly). The oars drew attention and will continue to do so.


I have some photos to send you as soon as my other daughter sends them over to this computer. I took my measurements and am thinking about a blog...what do you think? At the very least I will keep a journal.


Just to recap the oars did very well. The awkward ness was in the jacket only...the oars were fine ...Kate thought so too. Non swimmers would be a little fearful   I really knew what to expect. Ideas are running through my head, but they will be for another time.

We are trying to go tomarrow night , and at least one other time this week. I will keep in touch


Thank You Craig, thank you!




From: Mary-Beth H>
To: bodyoars <>
Sent: Wed, Mar 21, 2012 10:27 pm
Subject: Update


We had many Phone conversations with Mary-Beth, She is a professional Trainer who about a year before she contacted me, came out of a 14 month coma!

It was caused by West Nile Virus.  She explained that she could not regain her past energy until the first time she used LOBOS.  Afterward she became a rare trainer that wants to learn all about our personal (so far) Non-kinetic science.


Dear Craig,


My name is Mary-Beth and I found you via youtube and google.

I am a Pilates Instructor and H.I.T. Strength Trainer in NYC.

I am currently working with 3+ clients with whom I feel would greatly benefit

from your water training and some of the exercises demonstrated on your youtube videos.  I didn't see any teacher training  Do you offer any instructor training?


Best, Mary-Beth H


Another from Beth


Hi Craig,

I've been working with your online videos.  They are great!!!  Really powerful protocol that can help a lot of people that could not be helped any other way.'ve been through a lot yourself! I remember when I found you on line, one video you talked about designing body oars 11 years ago out of necessity and I remember thinking at the time I'd love to know more about this guy's story.


Would you consider sharing more about your experience i.e. the knee surgeries on your site?   Particularly because (as you clearly state on the web) not to do too much or to do 30 sessions before progressing and because the beginning experience in the water is so different from any other beginning experience let's say running or even riding a stationary bike, I can see (and I've already experienced) the temptation to do too much too soon because that runner's high feels so good and one doesn't realize how much one has actually done.


The bicep/tricep work is great.  I'm going to keep a little training log and I will probably email some questions over the weekend as things come up.




-----Original Message-----
From: Michael W>
Sent To: bodyoars <>: Mon, Dec 30, 2013 4:57 pm



Been a big fan of Craig's for many years since I met him at an aquatic convention over five years ago. He offered me a new look towards fitness without stressing my joints. His book is handy now, because  I was sick last year and lost quite a bit of muscle.


Now I'm getting a better understanding of what he was telling me. Only four sessions done so far and I am starting to notice big gains in my stability and core. I do yoga to better my breathing and  his supercharging adults is helping me there too.


This review I can guarantee will be more glowing by springtime.  I'm pondering a pool just to execute his program and save me time to do others things in life. Trust the program. '


Michael W



----Original Message-----
From: morlew>
To: bodyoars <>
Sent: Wed, Aug 10, 2011 2:05 pm


Hey Craig!!

School starts in 2 weeks ( I still have a teenager ) and then I'll have some extra time. I LOVE MY LOBOS!!!!!!

We took a 3 hour plus ride to visit a college campus last week. Normally my lower back would be stiff and I'd need some time to stand straight like opening a rusty hinge...but not this time!!!! Jumped out of car walked for over an hour jumped back in car for the ride back home and felt great!! I really think that I'm ready to use them more often and do more than 400 reps. I've had no negative results so far..nothing sore or painful. I will include the crawl next time. Wish I had known earlier the bathing suits were optional??? 



From: Michael M <>

>> To: bodyoars <>

>> Sent: Wed, Oct 19, 2011 5:52 pm


>> Hey Craig,


>> I've been doing your exercises for only 3 days, loving it so far.


>> Cheers,


>> M

----Original Message-----
From: Elizabeth I>
Sent: Mon, Mar 26, 2012 4:17 pm


Hey Creig, Love my oars. Getting a great work out. Been using them twice a week for 15 mins. I hope to increase it gradually.  Liz



Original Message-----Dr Peter Pedrovet  (veterinarian)
Sent: Mon, Aug 24, 2009 3:31 pm

Going good Craig! I have been going to the pool 3 times a week. I am walking by myself, things are coming back quickly.  I am excited!! I am going to be ok.



From: Evelyn R Sat, Jan 26, 2013 3:09 pm


(In 2011  we sent her a set too large, and it was the only set ever returned. However I found this email from 2013 before she asked me to build her  another ).



Dear Craig:   a couple of years ago I bought the body oars from your website.  I had to return them because they were too big and caused a bruise on my thigh. I know I was traveling at the time and said I would get back to you.  Since then I had arthroscopy of the knee and a year later on feb 2012, had a total knee replacement (TKR).  Almost  a year later Im scheduled for another intervention in March 2013, b/c my TKR was not very successful and I still have a bad knee, am limping some, have back pains due to my out of balance situation.


I am wondering if your previous offer to make the oars to fit my height is still on the table.  I live in Puerto Rico but am willing to have the body oars tested n willing to travel to your city to get it done so I can use this for my rehab.  I have deleted the messages and forgot what city you are in but if we can come to an agreement,  we can do this before my operation on 3/19/2013.


Please let me know if you are willing to help me so we can coordinate this ASAP.


Evelyn R

San Juan, PR  00926



am S Sun, Jul 26, 2009 10:23 am

Hi Craig -- My name is Pam Stewart, and I take a water exercise class with Grace Blanton. She thought that you might like to know that I tried the body wraps and really liked them. Could definitely feel my core muscles working harder with my knees immobilized. Great idea, good luck!


----Original Message-----
From: Linda R <>
To: bodyoars <>
Sent: Wed, Apr 18, 2012 12:49 pm

Grace has had me using her Body Oars for the past few weeks and I have to say that I’m getting use to the body oars quickly. I’m seeing a big improvement in the fit of my jeans and swim suit!

I have a sore core so I know their working – even better than Grace’s aquatic aerobics course I’m in.

She’s been inspirational in getting me back to exercising after quite a bit of knee issues. The body oars have eliminated the need to use my knees, making exercising fun again – with great results. Thank you,




Ronald D


I started the blog


(Here is all it still says as of 3/2/16):


I have found the secret.  These things are awesome!!! Its so hard not to go longer and longer each time because even though the effort taxes you because there is no pressure on the joints you feel like you can go on and on. Craig makes other models for other things.  Oh I forgot to tell everyone what he calls these devices.  LOBOS... Lower Bodyoars.  He make other models called RAMBOS:


Rapid Ass Movement Bodyoars and UBOS: Upper Bodyoars.  I want them all!


I am extremely convinced his invention can help loads and loads of people.  He designed them for police and firemen who by virtue of having to carry equipment around their waists all the time they wear out their backs and other joints.


But I am telling you this would be good for anyone who wants to stay in shape.  If you are heavy like I am and running kills you or if you are disabled in some way then this is your answer.


The water displaces you weight and allows you to move at your own pace using water resistance, which by far is the best way to build up.  Its your joints that wear out first, not your muscles. Now I want to do this everyday and I have the energy for it.  Weather permitting of course....LOL.


Tonight was a great workout.  I look forward to tomorrow.  Time to eat some fruit and hit netflix.  To all my Cop colleagues.  You should consider these.  It will save your back and body.  To all my other friends as well.  This is well worth the investment.  I hope in the days to come I can display a difference in me.  Right now I can only tell you about this.




From: Hamilton M <>
To: 'bodyoars' <>
Sent: Thu, Jun 30, 2011 10:21 pm
Subject: RE: feedback on LOBOS


Since John and Ron are both former military, they might share experiences with these LOBOS.

Please give Ronald our email and phone#  so he can contact us if he wishes to.  Let him know we’d really like to chat.


I have DDD (degenerative disc disease) like Ron does, so I have questions for him on how the exercises are affecting his back

Also, John might be less skeptical if he hears from Ron how much he’s gaining from the oars.


The oars are starting to feel natural to me, and I can target my abs better and really use them effectively.  Don’t know how many reps over 400 I did last time, was wondering, is there a program on how much to increase each day? (How many reps)



-Original Message-----
From: Dan  S
Sent: Sat, Apr 10, 2010 2:21 pm  (this email shows the biggest problems we have had with LOBOS, using high exertion and using too much. going over 400 strides before your core becomes use to this.


hey craig,


i did them 5 days in a row as hard as I could.  that's pretty much it.  on the third day, i should have rested for a couple days.  I feeling fine now, but it was a little scary.  like you said, my muscles have never been loaded like that.  it works so well that i use  them more than i should.  does that make sense?


i'm so excited about it that i want to go go go with them.  anyway, it's no big deal.  i'm going to do them 15 minutes tomorrow as gently as possible.  it should go well. thanks for the concern.





Soham R  Thu, Sep 23, 2010 9:36 am



I will have get back on the bodyoars band wagon again on october 2. It is by far the best fitness device which helped me. Weightlifting isn't helping much. I am looking foreward to oaring for the rest of 2010 to 2011!




sue n  Thu, Jul 7, 2011 10:40 pm

Hi Craig,

I found your name by checking out your website. Very impressive. But I just wanted to tell you how you inspired Pidge and I to do your exercises.


Pidge said that you spent an hour with her and showed her several exersizes to do plus push that pipe contraption. She said you warned her not to overdo, but she felt so good she didn't realize the price she had to pay later. She said Advil worked and she returned to the pool the next day to continue working at a more subdued pace. That's where I saw her and asked if you had spoke to her.


When I was swimming, you were using your bodyoars on your arms. I was curious and asked you about them. You took the time to explain about them and show me some exersizes that I could do on my own. I returned the next day and found Pidge and we have been exersizing together since, thanks to you


We both feel much stronger in the pool and out. I'm trying to get in shape and lose weight, and Pidge wants to strengthen her knee and get stronger for her favorite sports, snorkling and diving.


We were both surprised on how helpful you were and took time to help us. I thought you'd like to know how much we appreciate it.


We are spreading the word about you and your advice to us.  People are very interested because the see what this has done for us.

Thanx again,

Sue N


Van Thu, Jun 28, 2012 6:41 pm

I've been using the LOBOs for a little over 6 months and love them.  I'm getting my 400 reps in slightly under 10 minutes, and improving every week.


I'm glad I found you when I did, as you were giving out exercise advice. And this has changed my fitness level completely.


I noticed you dubbed over your advise and instructions on your youtube videos.  Are you still planning on making UBOS for sale?


I've been using the wraps, but would love to add UBOS to my workouts. I know you've had a few people get injured, but I

doubt it would be a problem for me, as I've been working on all the original exercises from your  7 videos, for 6 months, with the exo wraps.


I've finally found a pool with adequate traction to do your crawl run, so I do that and your robot on cardio days.  Keep up the good work.



steve j> Jul 19, 2014 7:45 AM


I've bought two sets of body oars from Amazon and absoulty love them!


Trudy Sun, Aug 2, 2009 5:33 pm




I get a much better workout wearing the LOBOs.  Hence, I want to wear the LOBOS.


However, there are times when my legs are super sensitive that I would prefer an alternative other than just the wraps alone as the wraps do not entirely stop the movement of the knee (and the wrap tends to cut into swollen legs).  I am not capable of wrapping my knees by myself.






On Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 11:31 AM,

From: Tyler B

hey Craig did my first session with them only did one set of 400 cause I'm a little under the weather, but I could definitely feel it in my groin, outside hip area.

I didn't get the same burn in my abs but I could tell they were tight while I was doing it. I'm going to try and do 3 sets tonight and throw in a crawl run between each set.



-----Original Message-----
From: Elizabeth B>

Sent: Mon, Mar 26, 2012 4:17 pm

Hey Creig, Love my oars. Getting a great work out. Been using them twice a week for 15 mins. I hope to increase it gradually.  Liz



Gary D

Sent: Saturday, January 11, 2014 12:58 PM


(Hilton Head-Gary & Cathy)

Hi Craig,


Three times a week now. I’m feeling great. If I go 3 days without the workout, I miss it. I remember you said it’s the same for you. I have told several people about your book. Is it OK to do 600 of the Robot and Maximizer? Would it be ok if I call? Take care


-Original Message from Gary -----
From: Gary>
Sent: Tue, Nov 26, 2013 8:03 am
Hi Craig,

You knew this would help me.  Wow, I feel so much better already. I have been to the pool 2 times a week since we got back from Hilton Head. My energy is way up and my legs are getting stronger. I have a few questions. Does it matter what order you do the exercises? Should I wait any longer to start 3 times a week? I feel great, but I don’t want to overdo it.

Do you mind if I share your program with friends and family?  You really have developed something that will change people’s lives when they get with your program. I really can’t thank you enough. Here’s to good health.




-----Original Message-----

> From: dickins <>

> To: bodyoars <>

> Sent: Fri, Apr 13, 2012 11:16 pm




Thank you for your quick response, to answer your question; yes I have used Grace's  LOBOS, I have had both knee's replaced in the last

couple of years and in preparation for surgery recovery I strengthened my core as much as possible the result was a quick recovery but at the same time I need something to challenge my current workouts.  When I

used your LOBOS I immediately felt my abdominals and leg muscles being worked and no pain in the knee area.  I limited my time with the LOBOS to 15 minutes and worked slowly which resulted in no muscle pain the

next day.


Thank you again, I will go out to your web site and place my order

right away.


Your truly,




Betsy  Sat, Jul 10, 2010 3:37 am

This is Betsy A. I really appreciate the time you took to help me. I will always remember you.Best of luck.Thankyou!.




from Amiel M


Manager, Musculoskeletal Services and Physical Therapy
McConnell Spine, Sport & Joint Center



Thanks for a great presentation.  I wanted to send you this email and let you know I will review the products with the exercise and therapy staff of the center when I return.


I really appreciate you accommodating the therapy schedule; hopefully we can be in touch soon.


Amiel       He called me to order a few sets of LOBOS after his vacation, the son of the man the building is named after, recommended that I exchange LOBOS for their written reports on them instead of money, they refused.


To: bodyoars <>
Sent: Fri, Jun 29, 2012 10:54 am
Subject: Hi... calories burned?

From: Barbara  D <>   (after this email I started adding padding to LOBOS which completely solved all blister issues.)


Hi Question...

I have started logging all my exercises in a program to keep track of my exercises.  I have been using the Lobos for 20 minutes and would like to know if you know approx how many calories are burned.

Thanks... by the way I really like these body oars.  Only problem I have is my shins are very "thin" and they have rubbed and open small sores... I stopped using them for about 3 weeks for them to heal.  I just started back using them but have used cloths between the Velcro and my legs.  works great!


Thanks again,

Barbara D




From: David G <>
To: bodyoars <>
Sent: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 7:59 pm
Subject: Re: Body Oars



Just wanted to let you know I've been using the oars for the last week or so. They are great!  I can feel an impact already and I think they will be a huge complement to my regular exercise routine, which is mostly swimming, with some stationary bike and free weights.


I think you've really made a great invention. I wish you all the best in commercializing it.


Just one question for now-- do you recommend using LOBOS every day, or should I take days off between sessions?







Grama T Fri, Jul 17, 2009 2:02 am


I did a work out today with only the wraps, using 3 straps instead of 2.  It worked pretty good.  However, I don't think I get as good of a work out with only the wraps. Nevertheless, three straps ensure my knees do not bend.
I did 10 reps of 26 at the stairs (260).  Leg lifts, side sicssors. flutter kicks. 
In the middle of the pool I did 4 reps of 26 of cross country (104)
The Mermaid (legs together forward and then back) 2 reps of 26 (52)
I did the penjalam (legs together to one side and then to the other side) 2 reps of 26 (52).
i DON'T remember what else I did.  I was out there a little over an hour.

Grama T




Blush  Wed, Jul 15, 2009 4:26 pm


Hi Craig, is as changeable as it can get no doubt.  You gotta wonder to love it or hate it...but either way it's never boring.


I've been able to get to the pool almost every day this summer.  It's been almost sublime...I'm so happy these days.  I love being outside and this just fits all the bills.


I'm almost eating the exercises up but somehow I've managed to blow out my right shoulder....not from anything I've done with you...but blown it out I have.


I think this goes back to an original injury from my husband dislocating my shoulder.....but that was years ago...same damn pain!  But somehow the elbow wraps don't interfere with that motion.


Craig,  are there any exercises for triceps?  I'd love to know something with that to target those arms.


My energy is so much better since I started using LOBOS.  And I also found out that it's not actually my lower back that gets so stiff and sore.  It's my hip flexors and while we've been trying to stretch and stretch them out...


We found out my problems come from the front...not the back.


So this week my therapist released my flexors from the front and boy was it painful but the relief was excellent.   Unfortunately I need a professional to help me with that one.  I have one that can done on your own.


She tells me the hip flexor is the biggest muscle in the hip area.  It connects the hip to the lower back on one side,  and the hip to the groin on the other.  It's a big muscle.


I've been kind of surprised at my body changes.  For one thing....I am the worst at noting the obvious about me.


I need someone who knows me to tell me what they see.   My  massage therapist  is the best for that kind of communication.  Here's what she's saying:


I am now definitely shaped in the waist hip area.  That V you talk's starting nicely.  She says  my legs have thinned out considerably. I think some of that was swelling myself and I don't know why...


But since I've been working with you....all the swelling has all but disappeared.  It comes on occasion on my right leg in particular...but mostly it's settled down....thank goodness.


She also was thrilled at how developed my abs have become.  Although I'll admit they weren't in the worst shape to being with.  I've been doing sit up for years.  LOBOS just made it harden up quickly again.


She also says my range of motion of my right leg has improved in a bigger way.  I left rehab at 110% range of motion.  I am past that now.  I can't bend it to fold,  but it bends much better now.

I think 100% is the minimum but considering the amount of work that was done on my leg....110% was thrilling.


Oh,  I can cross either leg over the other now.  Haven't had that option in years.  I am so much more flexible.  I love the way my heart works every day from your equipment.  Just pure's great.


I'm also really serious about compiling your exercises into a manual or book.  I'll happily do it for you or help you get it organized.  I think it's a really big part of what you do to help people.




Fats  Sat, Jul 11, 2009 8:19 pm


(This guy is about 3'6" ft tall and has the longest list of disabilities I have ever seen,  he was around 50 back then and is still loving the custom LOBOS I made him.  His first and many of my other email testimonies went to my personal email I had with Road Runner, which were lost forever when I dumped Warner Cable.



My knee wasn’t up to snuff and passed up the 500 power reps. Instead=2 0I spent a leisurely hour doing recumbent lower LOBOS  concentrating on maximum ROM. I was astounded  how balanced and controlled the exercise was. Much improved and a gain in a week that had a few setbacks. Second day of improving confidence doing vertical LOBOS without leaning and flipping forward. Won’t be long before I can maintain a consistent set of reps. Look forward to begin all this next week. Used 2” Velcro on knees and worked well ¾ of the time, afterwards it loosened and I could feel forces transmitting through my knees. Try it again Monday with a couple of wide strips.




Joanne R                          Wed, Jul 8, 2009 4:38 pm


HI, how are things going with patent article.  I am going to start the pilot program within 2 weeks.  Will put it together next week and get moving.  My 5 clients at the deep pool are doing very well.   Will let you know more as I pull together program info.




Joyce M   Wed, Jul 8, 2009 12:17 am


Hello Chris,  (she meant Craig)


I am a student of Grace's and on today (Tuesday), a one-on-one session, she tried the body oars on me.  First, I will draw you a picture of me and my exercise routine.  I am 5'2", 245 lbs and my exercise routine consists of going to Ladies First gym to work out every blue moon.


Grace talked me in to a one-on-one session and I am a transformed person!


With the oars on, I did about 200 to 300 reps.  We did the cross country, lower body exercises and many different movements.    The body oars kept my knees straight so the pull was happening all over my body.


I looked at Grace and it was as if I was feeling my body for the first time.  I said to her, "I've never felt like this before.


I could do this all day long."  What was happening Chris, I was feeling muscles being exercised that I haven't felt in a long time.


With my weight displacement, it's hard to do crunches that would exercise my abs to the fullest.  With the Grace and your oars, I was having a ball!


Thanks to you and Grace, I can't wait to get back in the pool with those body oars again.  Also, I am feeling great this afternoon with no pain. Each time I come from the gym, I feel like I've been run over by a slow locomotive.   Now, if I could just learn how to swim.



Grace   B  Sun, Jul 5, 2009 3:27 am

Hello Craig!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, 54 you really do look amazing!  I will be 50 in September but who's counting anyway!  :)


Well, Friday the 3rd was my third day using the LOBOS.  I used them about 7:30 in the evening, I won't do that again for I had a hard time getting to sleep.  My muscles felt like they needed a massage, so it kept me awake.  The next day again I did not feel like exercising rather like I needed a rest and just a little slight soreness.  The LOBOS whooped me!  But I must say that I can see and feel the difference they give me in a workout in just three times, WOW!!!.  FYI can't say that I feel any joint soreness at all  :)  purely muscle tightening down around the bones rather.  I really did not think a photo would show that much difference in myself since I am 130lbs and I do exercise on a regular basis.  Plus I wear a suit with shorts over them always so I was not going bearer in a photo which is what you would want and need in a photo to see any difference.


From the first workout I did not start myself with just wraps but rather the LOBOS on the legs and wraps on the arms.  It certainly is a challenge to keep afloat.  I basically did the cross country movement vertically, moving the arms in all different directions.   I did same type movement grabbing the side of the pool turning my body on both sides.  Also did the reverse jack vertically crossing the leg over the front and back pointing toe outward.   Although I do want to get a pear of gloves to aid in keeping myself more afloat.  I might even try wearing two belts next time.  I have this thing a therapist called drowning reflex because when I do dynamic moves in the water it can cause me to go under and that is something I tend to not want to do, you know get the glasses and hair wet.  Well anyway what it has done to me is cause tightening down of muscles around the ribs especially on my right side.  Well darn this last workout I found it to come back(pulls the ribs out of place and cause a bit of discomfort), so needless to say I am working to stretch and release it and get myself more out of the water and try my best to breath more deeply.  I imagine more info than you need--don't worry I am fine I just may have to back off from using them for a time or just use them on the stairs.


I have not been able to wrap my MOM since she is still sick, but as soon as she is better we will do so.  We already took measurements and will take pictures of her before she starts.


I did offer to have any aqua class participant try them sometime before or after class but had no nibbles so far they want to see if it does anything for others first.  I am going to approach individuals and see if that works better---in time they will see.  I did have a physical therapy patient approach me concerning them.  I suggested that he get the wraps first (less costly) and when he is released from therapy by Doctor then look into trying the LOBOS if he can afford them.


Now about our pool, I am 5'5" and I found that if I did not stay right in the center of the pool I hit bottom with the LOBOS.  To Bad!!  So my son may not even be able to be vertical with them if they fit , he is 6'2".  We have stairs with handicap rails going down into the water.  I will take a picture of our pool and have my Mom send it to you.  It is odd shape center is deepest with shallower to each side, like a small volleyball pool.  I will also try to measure the depth and send it your way.


Do I need to look more deeply at your web-site?  Does it give some of the 200 different variations to use the equipment?  Although it seems much easier to put together movement with the wraps only as opposed to the LOBOS.

Thanks again for all your help.  What a great piece of equipment you created!


till next time Thanks so much!  Grace   :)



Wayne 6/2/14


Dear Craig

I have read most of your material and found it very interesting. I would like to collaborate with you on a German rebounder called Bellicon it limits the impact on joints yet works the skeletal system with minimum stress. Please take a look at it will give you a broad outline of my work.


Having had several major operations I am well positioned to know what works for my body and i am in complete agreement with you with todays modern practices. If we can work together I can give you a platform here in the UK to spread your word to a wider audience. Kind regards Wayne




On Sun, Apr 14, 2013 at 5:34 PM, Marc G> wrote:

Hi Craig
I tried the robot this morning and was very impressed.  I have tried to download your book from amazon to kindle but get a message that the book is not available for mobile download.  Any thoughts on how to get it?
Thanks in advance,
Marc G




On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 3:04 PM, Linda P> (another student of Graces in California, who wants her own set of LOBOS) wrote:


Craig. I just placed my order. By the way, I am having my oars shipped to Grace's house since I am going to be going out of town and I don't want them to be sitting outside while I am gone. I LOVE HER BODY OARS!  Linda



On Fri, Aug 24, 2012 at 12:49 AM, Ray K> wrote:


Hi Craig

The Robot feels good afterwards.....and I am probably repeating myself with the following few words................but I have had a weak right leg through the now discovered vastus medialis trigger points. It took me 11 years Craig to learn this!......


The Robot (STICKMAN) will take some time to strengthen that back to what it should be...I would think...and I am trying to pace my TP therapy now.............I used the small tennis ball for 6 days in a row............8-10 times a day............the muscle was sore from overdoing it I guess, and I am now using longer rest periods and hoping I am doing it more correctly. My right foot still points a little outward.......which could be affected by the psoas???.

Best wishes...........................Ray

I will call the Olympic committee next week to tell them about your methods



Richard C>  4/28/14


Hello, I want to tell you I just started last week with your Robot exercise and I am blown away at the results. I have kept to 400 strides and three times a week. It seems you have hit on an extremely effective and simple method that has always been right in front of us. I am not a lifter as it just beats up my joints. I have ridden all forms of bicycles all my life so my lower body and cardio are good. But my core has always been behind all other development, sit ups and crunches are unbearably painful.


I got both of your books for my Kindle and I am recommending this to all others.







ay K>8/7/12

Hi Craig
I left a message on your answerphone to-day in regard to your body building in water using the Robot method. I am excited at finding your method as I have had right side muscle problems for some time [I guess alignment issues]..

For my second morning in the pool I found I had to do a type of jump to move the straight legs through the very resistant pool water [my arms were easier]. My first day I was trying to get used to it.

I counted aloud to 150 each time and found my pulse had doubled to 120 beats per minute.

I also experimented with one leg at a time as that is really where I need improvement.

My background includes a playing a variety of sports over many years which has caused a mixture of happenings.....trigger points in the least one muscle has atrophied...[the vastus medialis oblique] chronic quads.

Thanks for your efforts from brain storming...........................Ray New Zealand...



On Tue, Apr 10, 2012 at 5:23 PM, CHARLES B  <>wrote:

Hey Thanks foe getting back to me, Craig. My address is    XXXX  Lancaster, CA. 93536.    I have lost an inch in my stomach already plus a half inch in my thighs and hips!! Love the results so far, even if they do kick my butt!! I tell everyone about them!!


Sincerely, Liz B




Kathy  K>4/5/12


Hi Craig, I am finally able to get a good workout using LOBOS.

Doc said to use them every other day to let the muscles rest. What I have  already noticed is that I have no soreness. Not during - or any time after. I am doing the 400 reps, slowly using 15 minutes to get that done. Getting so strong, I could not do this any other way!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tyler B>



Its going good i did the 3 sets of 400 and my core felt absolutely drained only done two sessions with them because of work but am planning to start a full week on monday. I haven't tried the wraps yet will try on monday!


David G>
To: bodyoars <>
Sent: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 7:59 pm
Subject: Re: Body Oars



Just wanted to let you know I've been using the oars for the last week or so. They are great!  I can feel an impact already and I think they will be a huge complement to my regular exercise routine, which is mostly swimming, with some stationary bike and free weights.


I think you've really made a great invention. I wish you all the best in commercializing it.  David



Pam S  Sun, Jul 26, 2009 10:23


Hi Craig -- My name is Pam S........I take a water exercise class with Grace B......She thought that you might like to know that I tried the body oars and really liked them. Could definitely feel my core muscles working harder with my knees immobilized. Great idea, good luck!




This is just the beginning, I have many more, these were just emailed messages, most local testomonies were face to face, not emails.

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