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The Legend of Sullivant's Hill:​ 

In 1878, the US Secret Service opened the Nation's First underground spy complex beneath a former Civil War Army base, on a terrifying hill west of Columbus, Ohio.  

This railroad based secret agency was called "Orphan."  Its cover was federal aid for the millions of Orphans European nations were dumping into America's open arms. 

In 2010 a satellite watched this supposedly mythical complex being exhumed before the casino's builders stumbled into it.

In 1927, the Secret Service began replacing their locomotive ambulances with aircraft wearing US AirMail logos, and they renamed Orphan to "Postal."  They opened the first Port Columbus Airport across the street (now the site of the Holly Hills subdivision), as middle America's US Air-Mail hub.  


One year later Port Columbus was moved to the far east side of the city. However, this airport (now called the Sullivant Avenue Airport), continued being middle America's airmail hub, and the secret headquarters of Postal.  

Orphan's old development laboratory expanded through the underground facility, the locomotive garage, and a highly secured US Air-Mail hanger across the street. Here the Secret Service began developing, reverse-engineering, and testing airborne technologies, thus turning the western ridge of Columbus's Hilltop, into America’s earliest version of Area 51.  


In 1936, under the growing threat of Hitler's war machine, President Roosevelt moved America’s secret development centers to the nation's western wastelands and shut down all active operations in west Columbus. The then ancient compound then became the Secret Service's invisible junkyard of outmoded secret machines, weapons, and vehicles.

​ In 1944, Roosevelt pushed General Motors into building a vast factory above the old underground fort, to entomb it, ten feet under its 32-acre reinforced concrete floor.

In 1945, before construction began, President Trueman had the nation’s nineteenth-century secret mission reports loaded into this almost forgotten compound. Supposedly these documents contained enough exciting action to fill a library with superheroes and villains.


Aspiring action novelist Craig Wise has been intrigued by this myth since the 1980s.

While pondering the Hilltop’s frightening image in 2016, he realized a series of action novels, comic books, and TV show scripts, based on its mythical history, could eventually turn this hill into an exciting place, attracting tourism, entertainment, and new businesses.


By the end of 2016, Wise had outlined five Orphan superhero spy novels, loaded with high-speed fictitious fun, woven through actual history. The first, The Southern Cross, just became available at Amazon for downloading into any popular smart device.

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