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Here are the first season (10 Episodes) of
The Spies from Sullivant's Hill

(In Novel  Form)                                    (Today's Hilltop) 


 The Spies from Sullivant's Hill

will do Wonders for West Columbus

Three years after the Civil War, three Ohio-born and raised US Presidents in a row hid the country's top-secret facilities along the railroad to nowhere.  The Camp Chase rail, across Sullivant’s Hill (Today’s Hilltop), was the mathematical center of the nation's railroad network. 

The Spies from Sullivants Hill is a clever, fast-action, gadget-packed, comical superspy series based on one of those secret programs, code-named “ORPHAN.”  


ORPHAN was the USA’s first covert spy agency, hidden as a federal aid program called NORA (National Orphan Relief Agency).  


NORA's Orphan Rail Ambulances seemed to be rushing emergency aid to the country's 1.7 million orphan children. This explained these blazing-fast, hidden weapon-packed spy trains (ORPHS), as their DANGER CONTAGIOUS CHILDREN signs scared folks away.

​Season One features ORPHAN’s first Superspies, the crazy entertainer Colin McLaughlin and Lemont Freeman (Aunt Jemima’s enormous son), taking on earth’s most self-absorbed madman, Southern tycoon Tyberious Maximus Cross.

​​As a teen, Cross inherited his family's shipping empire, plus dozens of industries worldwide. Years later (1882), his henchmen stole 17 notebooks from the newly arrived Nicola Tesla. ​By 1885, Cross's engineers and slaves at his hidden industrial complex in Cuba had finished turning Nicky's notes into a vast arsenal of the world’s first radio-wave-ignited weapons.  

On May 1, 1885, Cross’s high-tech version of the Confederacy would be ready to win the Civil War instantly, 20 years after losing it.

​​​​​However, after being robbed, Tesla secretly became ORPHAN'S Tech Master, cranking out wild weapons, spy gadgets, and insane speed machines to hopefully help Mclaughlin and Freeman save America.



Craig Wise 

Stage One, Here is Season One, in novel form (pdf.)

Ten Action-Packed Episodes: 

One   Two   Three   Four   Five 

 Six   Seven   Eight   Nine    Ten

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