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America's First James Bond

The US Secret Service's first "Secret" division was called "ORPHAN."

From 1881 - 1925, ORPHAN was headquartered in an 1150-foot F-shaped underground fort hidden behind America's largest building (in SF), Ohio's horrifying Hilltop Lunatic Asylum.


​ORPHAN's first James Bond was Colin McLaughlin, a boxer, and Irish band leader, who had been a childhood spy for the Northern Army


In the first ORPHAN thriller, The Southern Cross: Southern Tycoon Tyberious Maximus Cross (the world's wealthiest egomaniac), has his White Night Spies steal 17 notebooks from the newly arrived Nicola Tesla.

By 1885, at his secret Cuban and compounds Caribbean bases, Cross's engineers and slaves had turned "Nicki's" designs into a vast arsenal of remote-controlled weapons so his new version of the Confederacy could win the Civil War, 20 years after losing it. ​

​Nicola Tesla becomes ORPHAN'S Tech Agent, cranking out wild weapons, spy gadgets, and insane speed machines so McLaughlin, and his gigantic partner, Lemont Freeman, can try to foil Cross's plan. 

Craig 7.17.19.jpg

  Author, Inventor, and Upper Columbus Founder, Craig Wise 

Oh, By the Way,

ORPHAN was Real

The Top-Secret Decades of

Sullivant's Hill

Columbus's Hilltop


Factual Fiction!

West Columbus: FDA Satellite Snaps the only Known Photo of our Country's 1st Spy Complex, Being Secretly Dug Up

In 2010, an FDA satellite photographed ORPHAN's ancient base's (and its antiquated contents) removal four months before the people building the new Hollywood Casino would have stumbled into it

Hi-Resolution Imagery and Analytics

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