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5 New Testosterone-Charged
Superspy Novels based on
The Secrets of Sullivant's Hill

 The Secrets of Sullivant's Hill

(Today's Hilltop)  


This website is packed with details proving that when Columbus's Hilltop was called "Sullivant's Hill," three Ohio-born and raised US Presidents (in a row) hid most of the country's top-secret facilities along an obscure railroad that cut across this hill. 

The Camp Chase Rail was America's first version of Area 51. It ran to the tiny town of Xenia and began behind the country's largest building (1875-1942), the terrifying Ohio State (Hilltop) Lunatic Asylum. 

From the 1870s until 1918, this, the largest official horror house ever built, staring down at Columbus, kept almost everyone scared away from Sullivant's Hill. Simultaneously, its massive state-run security force covertly guarded Washington's secret operations along the Camp Chase rail.

Around 1880, our country's first covert spy agency, called "ORPHAN," began operation about two miles out the rail, inside what was originally an underground weapons factory built during the Civil War. 

By 1918, aircraft and radio had allowed Washington to start running top-secret projects far away from roads and rails, leaving West Columbus with enough top-secret history for a cool news documentary.


However, this locally avoided hill will become a national tourist attraction if a series of wild ORPHAN agent stories are celebrated in all forms of popular entertainment

So, in 2016, I outlined five action-packed ORPHAN agent novels and began writing. I visualized each as one season of an epic television series, The Spies of Sullivant's Hill


This spring, The Southern Cross will be the first published. This is the story of our country's first Superspies taking on Earth's most self-absorbed narcissist, Southern tycoon Tyberious Maximus Cross.

As a child, he inherited his grandfather's shipping empire, which controlled dozens of industries worldwide. Many years later, in 1882, his henchmen snatched 17 notebooks from the newly arrived Nicola Tesla.

By 1885, Cross's engineers and slaves at his secret industrial complexes in Cuba had finished turning Nicky's notes into a vast arsenal of Earth's first radio-wave-ignited weapons. On May 1, 1885, his high-tech Confederacy was set to instantly win the Civil War, 20 years after losing it.

​​​However, after being robbed, Tesla secretly became ORPHAN'S Science Master, cranking out wild weapons, spy gadgets, and insane speed machines to hopefully help the country's first superspies, Colin McLaughlin and his enormous partner Lemont Freeman (Aunt Jemima's son), save America.  



Craig Wise 

The Southern Cross will be released this summer. However, contact me if you conduct business in Columbus that benefits from tourism. I will rush you the final (clean) writer's draft for your ideas on maximizing its positive effect on your business.

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