The Upper Columbus Project to Expose the Hilltop's Actual Top-Secret Past as Fictional Action-Packed Fun 



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Images for The Sullivant's Hill Novels

In 2016, after decades of noticing evidence,  Body Oars inventor Craig Wise outlined five action novels based on the Hilltop legends he first heard in the 1980s. Then he began writing them. 

Basing entertainment on this hill's secret past, to supercharge its politically ignored economy, provided his motivation. 

Wise had been questioning Columbus's historical past since his teens. In 1992 he created Columbus Yesteryear for CTV 21, the city's cable channel. This musical history program filled their empty slots for a decade, likely until their video cassette tape of it wore out.

The Southern Cross (1885) is the second novel he has in clean draft form. The first, Sullivant's Hill, ends with the US Secret Service forming their actually first secret division codenamed, "ORPHAN." 

ORPHAN becomes POSTAL in 1926 when they dump trains for planes.

Sullivant's Hill would be released after a few ORPHAN thrillers. 

ORPHAN and POSTAL stories are works of fiction.  

Or are they?

 Check out this crude video draft to see for yourself: