The Top-Secret Story of  Sullivant's Hill

(Columbus' Hilltop)


During the Civil War, under a naturally secluded hill, in the center of the country's new web of railroads, President Lincoln approved America's 1st secret (underground) munitions factory.  

In 1878, part of this still secret facility became the US Secret Services's 1st actually 'secret' division's headquarters. This locomotive-based agency was code-named "ORPHAN."  Its cover was a Federal-aid program, rushing help to (eventually) 1.7 million Orphans, European countries started dumping into America's open arms after the Civil War.   

ORPHAN was just one of many top-secret federal programs operating in and under Sullivant's Hill. For a half-century, they remained secluded behind a floodplain, and then the world's largest building (in SF). The intentionally frightening Columbus Hilltop Lunatic Asylum scared amost everything from the Sullivant's Hill programs running behind it. 

This video provides all the evidence we could cram into twenty minutes.  We could (and might) have stretched this hill's diabolically insane officially untold story into a mini-series.  

​The Upper Columbus Project:

After forty years of Columbus's mayors envisioning more extra-low-cost housing for the old west side, we see a far more interesting and economically enhancing direction.

By imagining, action-packed, high-speed escapades of ORPHAN and POSTAL  agents,  in all forms of modern entertainment, we intend to turn this hills' frightening local reputation, into a worldwide one on millions of "must-see" bucket lists.

The fiction that becomes a powerful draw is always based on fact. 

In 2016 Craig Wise started writing 5 action novels, with cliffhanging chapters, all based beneath Sullivant's Hill.

Each of these chapters will be presented in a virtual action comic book format we are developing for the web. Official print versions should also be available, exclusively at Upper Columbus (Westside) Businesses. 


We see a path to do a lot more than just entertain, we intend to turn this officially ignored hill into the Hollywood of America's Hartland, by finally exposing its tightly held secrets in the most entertaining ways! 

 Orphan Agent Novels

By Craig Wise 

The Southern Cross

Sullivant's Hill, and the City of Secrets

The Orphanator 

Double Cross

Doctor Awl

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