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Part of this legend claims:

Our country's first undercover spy agency was called "ORPHAN."  From around 1880 through the mid-1920s, ORPHAN was headquartered inside an underground railroad fortress hidden behind the country's largest building (in SF), Ohio's terrifying Hilltop Lunatic Asylum. 

Over the years (after hearing this myth around 1985), I unintentionally began noticing supporting evidence all around West Columbus. After finding a satellite image from 2010 (in 2016) showing this hidden fort apparently being cleared and filled secretly, my imagination kicked in. I outlined five action-packed, often amusing, ORPHAN spy novels.


In The Southern Cross (coming this July), the world's richest narcissist, Southern Tycoon Tyberious Maximus Cross, has his White Knight spies steal 17 notebooks from newly arrived Nicola Tesla (in 1882).

By March 7, 1885, Cross's engineers and slaves (at his Cuban complexes) had turned 'Nicki's' designs into a vast arsenal of remote-controlled weapons. On May 1, Cross intends to become the next US President by having his version of the Confederacy win the Civil War 20 years late. ​​

​​After being robbed, Tesla became ORPHAN'S Tech Agent, cranking out wild weapons, spy gadgets, and insane speed machines to hopefully help America's first superspy, Colin McLaughlin, and his enormous partner, Lemont Freeman (Aunt Jemima's son), save American democracy. 

The Southern Cross will be released on July 31, 2023, on Amazon.

However, click the image; Chapter 1 will magically appear! (loads pdf.)

5 New Action-Packed Comedy Spy Novels, Based on the Legend of Sullivant's Hill 

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The Southern Cross

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  By Author/Inventor  

Craig Wise 

If your business is in West Columbus, I want you to review my final draft of The Southern Cross by July 14, 3023.  

For a pdf.doc of it now, contact me at

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