America's First James Bond

The US Secret Service's first truly "Secret" division was called "ORPHAN." ORPHAN operated from an 1150-foot spy complex under Sullivant's Hill, behind the country's largest and most horrifying building, The Ohio State Lunatic Asylum.  

From 1870 to 1920, this official horror house frightened almost everyone away from ORPHAN's headquarters and dozens of other Top-Secret facilities and programs.

ORPHAN's first James Bond was Colin McLaughlin, a former boxer, musician, and child spy for the Northern Army.

After 30 years of noting evidence of ORPHAN's still-secret underground complex, author Craig Wise fictionalized McLaughlin's stories into five action-packed comedy novels. These novels divide into 64 comic books and 64 web-based animated versions. 

In the 1st season (1st novel), Southern tycoon Tyberious Maximus Cross, the world's richest narcissist, has his "White Night Spies" steal 17 notebooks from the newly arrived Nicola Tesla.

At his secret base in Cuba, Cross's engineers and slaves turn "Nicky's" designs into a vast arsenal of wireless weapons so the Confederacy could win the Civil War, 20 years after they lost. 

Tesla becomes ORPHAN'S Hi-Tech Agent, cranking out wild weapons, spy gadgets, and insane speed machines to help McLaughlin, and his gigantic partner, Lemont Freeman, foil Cross's evil plan. 

Orphan exposed1.jpg

It's not all Fiction!

An FDA Satellite caught the US Secret Service removing ORPHAN's Underground Headquarters.

In 2010, an FDA satellite photographed ORPHAN's ancient base's (and its antiquated contents) removal four months before the people building Ohio's Largest Casino would have stumbled into it.

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