The Southern Cross is a high-speed Orphan agent thriller, that takes place over eight days in March of 1885.​​​ It starts with fast action, which steadily intensifies until its explosive end. ​Orphan Agents Tesla, ​Freeman and Mclaughlin, take on the crazy handsome, mega-rich Confederate villain, Tiberius Maximus Cross, and his world-wide crime syndicate, The White Knights.


​​​​​Three years earlier, these White Knights' (former confederate spies), stole seventeen notebooks from Nicola Tesla during his first visit to New York. By March of 1885, Cross' engineers, and slaves, at his secret bases in Cuba, and other islands, had turned Tesla's notes into the world's first (and massive) arsenal of remotely controllable weapons.

While rescuing the gorgeous Buckeye Beauties,  from their White Knight captors, Agents Tesla, Mclaughlin, and Freeman stumble over Cross's plan to have the Southern Confederacy win the Civil War, twenty years late.  

​​​The facts about the Confederacy, almost taking America over in 1885, was forcefully kept out of the press after President Grover Cleveland deemed it, "An ongoing threat to National Security." ​ 

If you like fast-action, beautiful ladies, evil villains, secret speed machines, wild spy gadgets, sarcastic super-spy heroes, or you are just into the Legends of Early Buckeyeville, this is for you!

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