Why call this land "Upper Columbus"?

This area is likely more fragmented than any highly populated area in Ohio, It has many different community names, and people of one community do not want to be attached to the name of another. The largest community in the area is the Hilltop, which is large enough to be its own city. Like most cities, it has rough and also beautiful quiet areas.


However, few days go by that the Hilltop or just the "West Side", do not make local evening news for horrific crimes, which keeps most Central Ohio people away from the area by name alone.  Most people living in other W-SW communities, like Westland, Franklin Heights, Briggsdale, Valleyview, Riverbend, Stoneridge, Westmoor, Hardesty Heights, Norton Ridge, Highland West, Georgesville, Cherry Creek, Lincoln Village, Prairie Township, Grove City and Hilliard "Areas" and even neighborhoods of the Hilltop like the beautiful Westgate and Wilshire Heights neighborhoods, do not want to be identified as the Hilltop either.


I was intending to introduce this area naming idea by holding a contest on Columbus Reddit.  I began jogging down a few examples. One was "Upper Columbus".  As I pondered a few more samples I realized that 'Upper Columbus" nailed every branding aspect this name could accomplish in just 2 words.


First, the name "Columbus" is as already an awesome and locatable as one name can be. Columbus is the Midwest's hottest large city and almost all businesses and residents in the Upper Columbus district already use Columbus as their mailing address, so this name already accepted and works without insulting anyone (anyone in this area anyway). Plus it will only help enhance their individual identities, instead of ignoring them.   


The "Upper" part is also perfectly appropriate for several inspiring and uplifting reasons. 


First, most of the area is on higher ground than original Columbus, including and all of downtown. The Casino's land is over 100' higher than the statehouse or city hall grounds. Only the first several miles of Franklinton is lowland. Also, many of the community names in Upper Columbus already celebrate being on higher ground, with "Heights" in their name. You can see these elevations for yourself on Google Earth Pro, it's free. 


After 200 years of Franklinton original West Columbus being degraded to the "Bottoms", and the Hilltop unfairly loaded with mega-monster-sized crap that city and state leaders did not want around their sides of town, Upper Columbus is not only an appropriate description but a quite dignified name, without favoring or harming any community's identity 


This name may sound arrogant, but it just exposes that the power that created earth made this area a few steps up.   


West Columbus has not had much to be proud of since the mid-70s recession, and Upper Columbus has an almost arrogant ring to it, while only being appropriate.  It says and does so much with just 2 words I doubt a more descriptive, appropriate and more uplifting name for this area could exist. 

  ©2018 Upper Columbus, LLC  

 By Craig Wise