Today Upper Columbus is just an area outlined on a map 

It is currently also a few concerned people trying to expose why only this side of Columbus needs its own economic representation  (leadership) dedicated to rebuilding only this area's economy. 


We see many ways this uniting concept could promote this area.


However, we agree the fastest path to getting all of this politically ignored potential into the conversations for some of Central Ohio's many great new developments, is the formation of a very loud, Upper Columbus Chamber of Commerce.


If we can't build enough interest in forming this badly needed chamber, over the next couple months, then we likely could not accomplish many of our remaining ideas anyways, so the chamber comes first. Then:


Many ideas to get Upper Columbus noticed, instead of ignored: But Tell us Yours!

From an action film called "Sullivant's Hill", staring local people, to a monthly Upper Columbus newspaper, to a 24/7 Upper Columbus TV Channel at Youtube, to bring constant constructive attention to everything interesting around here.


This TV channel could carry things like a reality show shot at Mark Walberg's Chevy dealership. That would be a great national attention-getting project for Upper Columbus, as his dealership is in the center of it.  Suddenly the west side has an international celebrity doing a load of business here! We even heard he has more plans for the area, and his timing is ideal.


The Upper Columbus area has most of a dozen high schools. Their students interested in TV broad or narrowcasting need to get their experiance creating live coverage for all of their school's important contests and events, athletic academic and artistic, for the Upper Columbus channel.


Local companies also need to make sure their interesting messages and value-packed deals become programming, which is now simple fast and affordable with modern technology, for this channel.


All of the artists and other talented folks of Upper Columbus also need to be exposed and celebrated, especially the ones selling their services. The Idea Foundry is an ideal place to start, each artist there has a story, that needs to be told and seen.  Franklinton is screaming to become Ohio's independent artist heaven.


We also gathered ideas from other cities that we could borrow to build powerful tourist attractions here, that I will not expose yet. 


West Columbus is also the most affordable place to buy new cars in Central Ohio, and this chamber needs to make sure that all Central Ohio car buyers check car prices here.


However this area is now almost all small business, which all need promotion help, that does not cost them any money. We could run contests for the coolest content from them. 


The channel could also sell advertising for its popular programming, to raise money for the area's schools, businesses, and residents that provide the content, encouraging them to create more of continually improving quality. 


In the 1980s, while I could still make a fine living on West Broad Street, I produced a Columbus history show for the city government cable channel (21) called "Columbus Yesteryear", using my antique postcard collection of Columbus.


They played this program over and over again for at least a decade, likely until the videotape I gave them broke, so promoting Columbus and its history is not something new for me.


Also, we have some big ideas for Upper Columbus tourism.




 If we can't first convince enough of these already conducting business in or with the Upper Columbus area, to help form this new chamber, we likely could not be able to accomplish our many other ideas anyway. 


So for the next few months, we will be concentrating all efforts on building this chamber. If you do much business in or with Upper Columbus, it is time for you to step up to this highland, and help establish the Upper Columbus Chapter. 


Westside Craig

  ©2018 Upper Columbus, LLC  

 By Craig Wise