What Do You Know?


The political abuses of the lands just west south-west of downtown Columbus have been going on since the day in 1812 that politicians announced that a capitol city named Columbus will be built.  But as far as I could tell these abuses have been ignored by local news reporting about much as this side of Columbus has been ignored by the Columbus Chamber of Commerce over the last 130 years.


Unfortunately, I sense a reluctance from local businesses to address these untold issues. However, I  also sense that this is simply because they do not want to be the first to speak out about this.  Unfortunately, we can't fix problems like this without exposing them, so your suggestions are needed. 


At this point, Upper Columbus is just a website and a team of four volunteers ,  while working to support their families, just does not have the time to reach every business in this area to find the ones with the courage to speak out early.  But as this project gets rolling and publishes its first newspaper (hopefully by January 1, 2019) 


exposed by the local media, at least in retrospect (as history) 


Over the next month, we will be launching several discussions pages 




Until we have a forum running here, please send them to me, Westside Craig at craig@uppercolumbus.com

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