Where is Upper Columbus? 

Map of Upper Columbus

Why this name? 

Upper Columbus's name is appropriate because most of it sits at a higher elevation than downtown Columbus. Besides Franklinton, most of Upper Columbus was once called Sullivant's Hill. 

In the 1870s, Sullivant's Hill was renamed "The Hilltop."   After "Hill," the name "Hilltop" was the most generic name possible.  Ask yourself, "which name sounds classier, Sullivant's Hill or The Hilltop?


 Why would they want a generic name? 

We found no official reason for Mayor George W. Meeker (who quit office before 2 years) changed the name when he annexed Franklinton and Sullivant Hill's eastern ridge in 1870. That happened just days before the Vampire Bat-based Columbus Lunatic Asylum (built to keep everyone scared away from the secret projects under and behind it) broke ground.   

The name change makes sense if they did not want to remind the hundreds of Union Army guards (stationed at Camp Chase) who guarded the underground "Sullivant's Hill Factory," the 1500 or so convicts from the Ohio State Penitentiary, who built it, and likely worked there after it opened, would not be reminded of the nation's secret complex when they heard a generic sounding name.

It is also worth noting that Mayor Meeker also fired the entire Columbus Police department, then had his totally inexperienced childhood buddy set up and then run a new one.