The Upper Columbus Project 

From 1861 until the 1920s, Sullivant's Hill (Columbus's Hilltop) was virtually unpopulated, yet it was the mathematical center of America's railroad network. Because trains were the only swift form of transportation during those years, this 12 square mile hill was quietly turned into America's headquarters for covert projects, espionage, and secret weapon development. 

To maintain privacy, Washington's secret keepers secretly slipped billions in today's money, into Ohio's government, to turn most of Upper Columbus into a very, very frightening place, to scare all unrelated developments and normal people away.


They did this by placing the world's largest Lunatic and Imbecile asylums at the entrance of Sullivant's Hill overlooking Columbus. For a half-century, these two monstrosities dominated the horizon looking west from Columbus. These structures turned Upper Columbus into the horrifying land of homicidal lunatics and imbeciles.  

However, although both asylums are long gone, the frightening reputation they built still remains nearly a century after aircraft scattered America's secret facilities and projects to our country's most remote deserts and military aircraft bases.  

The Economic Fix? Turn these secrets into a full range of exciting art and entertainment.

By creating fun action-packed artistic entertainment, that fictionalized these secret protects and the underground spy complex that Google Earth finally exposed,  the Upper Columbus Project will eventually turn Upper Columbus into a place where national and international people will visit, live, work, and play, instead of avoid.


How quickly this happens may depend on you!


Phase One

In 2016, after he discovered the satellite imagery showing the outline of that spy complex that had been entombed beneath the General Motor's Hilltop Factory in 1945, Craig Wise outlined five action-packed yet humorous spy novels based inside this still unknown secret facility. 


He first heard the legend of this, the country's first secret spy compound in the 1980s, then casually noticed around a hundred bits of supporting evidence over the next decades.  Each time he noticed something new he envisioned fun stories that seemed to fit. In 2016, when Google Earth showed the compound being cleared and filled, he began writing those stories (five novels).

However, he never actually saw them as novels, but as a TV series. So he planned each book to contain enough action, history, and comedy for one full season of (12) episodes.  Realizing that an entertainment project is rather worthless until it physically exists, he kept quiet until he had several novels (seasons) completed to clean draft form (to not waste your time). 

Each novel has enough action for 12 comic books. Printed comic books should only be available at Upper Columbus business.  Each comic book will also be turned into a lightly animated version for the internet, with sound and voices. These will be available for the world to watch on YouTube and or at other sites.   

Each comic book will also serve as a storyboard for each TV episode, for Hollywood-like productions, which Wise also intends to see created on Sullivant's Hill (The Hilltop), likely as CGI movies.


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