Where and What is Upper Columbus?


North = Lands south of I-70 west from above Valleyview,  east on I-670 to the Scioto River, then south along the river to near Greenlawn Ave, then southwest  on I-71 to  I-270 NW past Grove City, then lands west of I-270 (as shown on this map) between Grove City and Hilliard, until I-70 west.  


Why Here?

The areas in tan above are very fragmented, into many areas with their own identities,  that are not connected to each other and do want to be called by each other's names. Than much if not most of the potential industrial/commercial land here is not part of Columbus or any city. 


About 75% of the 130,000 people living here are Columbus citizens, so about 25% live 100% inside Columbus's borders, yet they don't live in Columbus or any city, so they cannot even vote for Columbus leaders or city issues that completely surround them. 

Although a few of these areas have done a remarkable job, considering the lack of local government representation, until this whole area can be united under one identity it will never have a loud enough voice to create government representation, that lives here.  











Why Call it Upper Columbus?

Most of the people living in the tan areas are Columbus citizens so since most already live in Columbus, and the rest have a Columbus mailing address at the post office, so that great name is already in place, and indicates the entire general area.


Although the Franklinton area is often called the "Bottoms"  as it sits about 50' lower than the statehouse grounds on the other side of the Scioto River, most of the Upper Columbus is actually at a higher elevation than downtown or the rest of Columbus. It is on top of the large hill you climb when heading west on W. Broad Street from downtown.


Get involved, combined as one voice this area needs can make up for being intentionally ignored by its political representatives for over 200 years.  


Send me your thoughts and ideas to help launch and promote everything Upper Columbus has to offer.  Westside Craig



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 By Craig Wise