December 2010

 What is that huge underground structure?

Seven month's later, (12/2010)

It is easier to say what this is not:

  • The previous image shows that this structure was not directly connected to the GM factory, it proves there was earth (soil) in-between this and the factory (even if this is a new excavation).

  • Unless Google Photoshopped this, that factory was completely removed to the earth below, before this structure appeared.  

  • Because all factory debris and demolition equipment is gone, yet the bushes sealing in the polluted lagoons remain, this must be early in the site's clean up phase. (Few specialized people here, while authorities supervised). 

  • Shadows (compared to semi-trucks in the parking lot) indicate that this outline of a massive "L" shaped structure is underground. At this time, the truck shadows indicate this has a depth of 15-20 feet, enough to hide a building six to twelve feet underground. 

  • There are no power shovels inside the structure, which suggests it is being filled instead of excavated.  If it is being filled, this may have been occurring for up to six months.

  • Using Google Earth tools, you can see that it measures about 550 X 650 feet, and about 65 feet wide.

  • Since all of the factory debris and demolition equipment is completely gone, this must be during the site's cleanup phase. However, the lagoons (GM's chemical dumps behind the factory), remain untouched, implying that a rush was happening to remove whatever was in this underground structure because no trace of it exists in the next image from nine months later, or the previous one from eight month's earlier.

  • Most Convincing - If this were a newly excavated structure, as opposed to an old underground building being removed, there should be a nearly Empire State Building-sized mountain of soil near it, that had been removed. That mountain is nowhere on this 88-acre site, nor was that removed soil and rock spread across the site. I can see this because almost all of this land shown in #3 still has the same markings as in #2.  So where did that mountain of earth go?  

Could this be removed polluted soil? 

Unlikely for many reasons:

  • First, notice that this underground structure is sharply symmetrical.  When engineers remove polluted soil, they excavate down and around its entry points, leaving holes and ditches that look more like craters on the moon,  not like an enormous, entirely symmetrical building.

  • The EPA claimed that this site was polluted near its eastern border, where GM had dump hundreds of tons of chemicals, creating those lagoons beyond their eastern parking lot, I found nothing mentioning contamination beneath the old factory's floor.

  • Also again, if this massive ditch was dug to bury the pollutants about to be removed from those lagoons, there would still be a mountain of soil beside it, which came from it. But not even small piles can be seen anywhere on the farm sized (88-acre) site.

Could this be part of the GM factory or the Hollywood casino's foundation?

No way, for many reasons:

  • ​First, this underground structure is not even close to being in line with the exterior (primary load-bearing) walls of either structure. 

  • Even skyscrapers don't use 65-foot-wide foundations.

  • The only structure that appears connected to this underground abnormally (in #3 and other images) appears to be an ancient building foundation that was directly under the factory's floor.

  • This old foundation (measuring 250 X 150 feet) is visible in both image #2 and #3. 

  • This early foundation appears to have had the only entrance into this underground structure, centered inside its western wall. 

  • This ancient entrance is large enough for railroad cars and stagecoaches to pass through. This base was supposedly based on using the railroad tracks right beside the site. 

  • The legend claims that this GM factory was built directly over the underground facility. It could not be more centered over that entrance. 

  • For that matter, the comparatively little (6 times smaller) casino building was also centered exactly over that ancient building's apparent entrance into the underground structure. 


Could this be underground utilities (electric, water, sewage, drainage, cable) going to the casino?

Again no, for many reasons.

  •  At 65 feet wide, this structure could handle the entire city's utilities. This casino might have 25 toilets simultaneously flushing, which would need a commercial 1.5-foot pipe, placed in a five-foot-wide (not 65 foot) trench.  The tunnel bringing New York City's water supply from the Great Lakes is 12 feet wide. 

  • The water and sewage lines coming to this site come from beside the railroad tracks, south of the casino, as this underground structure is mostly north of it.

  • If this were an underground utility structure, it would only use that a 90-degree turn to get around large existing buildings, easements, and or natural obstacles. This 88-acre site is unobstructed.

  • If this were an excavation to bury utilities, it would also be straight, because that takes barely half of the piping, materials, and digging. 

With all of this considered, this underground structure had nothing to do with underground utilities.

Do these images suggest that walls had just been removed (instead of soil), from this structure? 

Yes, they do:


  • First Google did not accidentally switch imagery (#2 with #3) because there is still factory rubble and demolition equipment in #2, but not in #3, so this structure was not directly connected to the GM factory

  • Since no mountain of removed soil and rock exists, this removed material most likely had very little mass,  as an underground building, full of air, would have, compared to solid ground (soil and rock).   

  • Soil and rock excavations do not need architecturally-symmetrical when buildings or roads are not being erected with them.

  • Notice how sharp and defined all of the corners of this structure are. If a fresh dig; those corners should be rounded more like the sides of a crater, so the walls could be erected inside. This structure appears molded into ts shape, as if this earth was packed against an underground building, for over a century. 

  • An underground building being removed (instead of being installed) is also more plausible because there is no trace of new construction happening or being readied, in or beside this structure, when considering that the not yet started casino, is under its roof nine months later.  A building the size of this structure would still be under construction, yet no trace of that, as the casino already stands.​​ 

  • Still, the lack of whatever came out of this massive ditch is one of the strongest factors suggesting that an underground fort has been removed. 

  • At full resolution at Google Earth, it looks as if the east-west is leg of this structure is being filled with soil from both ends and along its north side, while most of the north-south section looks clear, flat-floored and untouched.  Unfortunately, Google's resolution of this image is the weakest of all four. 


Let's take another approach. Did Penn National (the casino's owners), build a vast secret underground compound here for some extremely expensive reason?

For many reasons, No they did not:



  • ​First, if you were paying the hundred million or so to build a secret facility (as wide as a five-lane highway), under your casino, would you have entrances from your private offices and parking garage? Image # 5 proves that this underground structure is at least 100 feet away from either. Above it, in the casino is just a very large public space, filled with game tables and game machines. Not even a kitchen for one of its restaurants is above this thing.  

  • #4 also shows five large very-deep fountain ponds already excavated, which were not even started nine months earlier. The earth removed from these was likely used to finish burying this structure, and to even raise the site some before the casino construction could start. Notice the size of these 5 pools compared to the structure.

  • Most telling. Visible in #2 and #3, is the outline of a 150 X 250-foot building foundation, that was directly under the factory floor. Notice that previous building appears to have the entrance to the underground structure, not a single trace of the structure exists in image #2, eight months earlier, or in #4, nine months later, but that old building's outline is in both images. 

  • Very interestingly,  for no apparent reason, both the GM factory and the Hollywood casino were centered directly over that ancient foundation, with the entrance to the underground structure. I mean dead centered over that one spot. This five-acre casino was not close to being cramped for space on this 88-acre site. The GM factory covered 32 acres, so placing both buildings directly above what looks the only entrance to an ancient secret underground compound, is precisely where (I would assume) America's secret keepers would have manipulated.

  • It would have been immensely cheaper for Penn National to build an underground facility completely beneath their building, in line with the foundations they were already installed, instead of nothing, under their parking lot. 

  • Furthermore, this underground structure is perfectly in line with the Old National Trail (now W. Broad St) which came through Central Ohio in 1833. The casino is not architecturally aligned with W. Broad St, in any way.  The builders of this structure alined it with that trail. 

  • To completely dismiss this as Penn National's secret facility, it is far more likely that if they did build a huge secret underground facility, under their Wyomissing Pennsylvania headquarters, where their big money chiefs hang out, instead of below Columbus's almost impoverished Hilltop. 

Could this be a new secret government facility?

Far less than unlikely:

  • Just like the casino, there are no hidden access points. 

  • This casino is opened to the general public 24/7.

  • This is the busiest building in West Columbus, a secret government compound would offer privacy.

  • A huge underground building would need a truck and car entrance, there is no place for them. Again this structure sits over 100 feet away from the parking garage. It is only beneath the largest open space in the casino and its parking lot.  

  • Central Ohio is loaded with obscure government buildings, many unused. 

  • Today this site has no strategic advantages I could find, yet it was packed with them back in 1878. 


Could this have something to do with storm drainage?​


  • First, this site is on top of the hill,  where drainage is far less of an issue.

  • Those five large pools are water retention reservoirs with surfaces 10-15 feet below the land surrounding land, so they could likely handle any storm, that would ever hit this hilltop.

I'm not saying that wild Legend of Sullivant's Hill is true, however with everything considered, I can't even find a question supporting anything else. It appears that for a brief moment in 2010, Legend of Sullivant's Hill was confirmed.  

Unfortunately, if that satellite did catch America's First Underground Spy compound as it was being removed, there is not much left of it to ever explore. 

However, there must be more people that know about this facility. If you do, tell me about it!

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