Early US Espionage Complex Secretly Exhumed Beneath Columbus's Hilltop

Early US Espionage Complex Secretly Exhume

COLUMBUS April 26, 2020 - In 2010, a USDA farm satellite flying over Columbus Ohio, caught a crew exhuming what appears to be a still-secret, nineteenth-century US underground compound, from beneath the former site of a vast General Motors factory.  One photograph was taken while this site was supposedly being cleared of hazardous waste that the automaker had dumped into three lagoons, along the site’s eastern border. This crew appears to be rushing to remove a 1050 foot-long underground structure before the builders of a new casino stumbled into it, four months later. 

This factory, which covered 32-acres under its roof, did have basement restrooms, lockers, cafeteria, tool parts department, and a nurse’s station. However, during the factory’s demolition, these basements were filled with soil and rock brought in from other construction sites.  Highly detailed satellite imagery proves that this underground structure did not appear until well after the factory demolition concluded, during a time the site was being decontaminated, and few workers were present. 

This video study was inspired by an ancient Columbus Hilltop myth, that action novelist Craig Wise now calls “The Legend of Sullivant’s Hill.”  This myth claims that this site, which was part of Camp Chase, a maximum-security Civil War base, became America’s first underground espionage compound called “Orphan.” Its cover was providing rapid railroad based federal aid to the flood of orphan children European nations were dumping into America’s open arms.

Orphan underground supposedly opened in the late 1870s, soon after the US Secret Service had access to electric lighting and telephones. 

That in the 1920s Orphan closed and this base and a new airport across the street became America’s first version of Area 51. 


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