Local Chambers of Commerce

Currently, 12 local chambers of commerce are helping the economies of virtually every large area in Central Ohio boom.  Columbus also has a wealthy Chamber of Commerce, with offices right across the street from the statehouse, and 36 directors from companies all across the city, just apparently not West Columbus.


The Columbus Chamber had nothing to do with bringing even one large employer to West Columbus this century, city leaders did not want the casino (the only one) on the sides of town that they and Columbus’s 40 million annual visitors frequent.  


I could not find any evidence that the Columbus Chamber had ever brought a large employer to West Columbus. 


  Considering that virtually all other large Central Ohio areas are rapidly developing, while almost all of this side continues collapsing, fixing the west side's economy should be the top priority of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. 


 I found no mention of this problem on their website. If they really mean their mission statement, this should be their top priority.   


Perhaps the Columbus Chamber should change their name to "The North, East, South and Central Columbus Chamber of Commerce. 15-20 square miles of land W-SW of city hall,  needs a chamber of commerce that fights for it instead of avoids it. 


This is why the entire west-southwest area needs to start being represented by leaders that spend most of their time here. The chambers from Hilliard and Grove City have apparently had a far more positive impact on West Columbus than Columbus leadership, just drive through Prairie Township in-between these two suburbs to see for your self. 


It is rather obvious that the west side of Columbus is represented by non-present government and business leaders that only see this land as a place to dump what they deem as "Undesirable Projects". 


Check out the SCARE-M button above, to see how Columbus leaders first started confining all "desirable and upscale" private developments away from the west side since the first-day Columbus leaders annexed Franklinton. 

This area outlined as Upper Columbus is larger and has more population than most American cities, so it needs to be self-represented.

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 By Craig Wise