So you know these are in order, and have not been photoshopped, enter "Hollywood Casino Columbus" into Google Earth Pro (Free PC version) to see these historical images at their (much higher) resolution. 

According to

The Legend of Sullivant's Hill

In 1878, Thomas Edison provided the Secret Service with lightbulbs, ventilation fans, and electricity, which suddenly made an underground spy compound seem as practical as visible buildings. 

President Rutherford B. Hayes (from Central Ohio) did not delay their request. He ordered the construction of a very large (for 1878) underground compound on the western edge of Sullivant's Hill (today's Hilltop community),  beside an old Civil War army base (Camp Chase) that he briefly commanded (as a Union Army general), during that war.

I was told that Hayes chose this site because (at that time) Columbus sat dead center inside America's massive new web of railroad tracks. From here, the Service could dispatch covert agents around the nation, most rapidly. 

General Motors retirees told me that this secret compound was directly beneath the old GM factory. One told me that the base was codenamed "Orphan." ​Another explained that in 1927, this railroad based secret agency was replaced by an airborne version called "Postal," which used airplanes marked "US Airmail", instead of fast little trains. 

After Orphan closed, the underground facility became America's hidden headquarters for secret weapons development, and to reverse-engineering other nation's, and possibly alien, technologies, essentially turning part of Sullivant's Hill, into America's first version of Area 51.

​Due to the weaponizing of Germany in 1936, top-secret engineering moved to the deserts of New Mexico, Californa, and Nevada. The now ancient Orphan facility became America's hidden junkyard of obsolete secret weapons, vehicles, and espionage equipment. 

​The bases's last stand came in 1944 when President Roosevelt arranged for General Motors to entomb this closed compound, beneath a new factory.

​ I did not believe or disbelieved their stories, yet I remained so fascinated by them, they never left my highly imaginative mind. I still often daydream about wild Orphan agents taking on ruthless villains bent on world domination, 1880s style.

In 2016 I was pondering this hill's eternally abused economy. It occurred to me that if I wrote these stories as fun action-packed spy novels, comic books, and cliffhanging TV shows, this old Legend of Sullivant's Hill could significantly improve the high crime image and struggling economy of West Columbus.


By the end of 2016, I had five Orphan spy novels, outlined.

As I did minor detail research, I came across a string of events that erased or burned up virtually all official land transactions, maps, and details about Sullivant's Hill from 1853-1884, which could have only been arranged by government authorities. 

For example on Saturday, February 1st, 1879, at 1:00 in the morning, arsonists entered the locked vault inside the closed Franklin County Courthouse. They soaked the records of Sullivant's Hill in coal oil, then incinerated them. 

As they left, they relocked the vault and the building, which only an insider would likely consider. If you care, here is a link to the Columbus Dispatch Newspaper story from that afternoon, titled "Burning The Records."​

But the physical evidence remained elusive until three months ago (Dec, 2019), after I had already completed two full novel drafts. I just glanced through historical (satellite) imagery from Google Earth's free desktop version of the old factory sight. On an image taken months after the factory was removed, a nearly Empire State Building sized underground structure, was suddenly visible, precisely where the GM retirees said this base was.

I did not get excited; this architecturally appearing structure may just appear to be architecture. I realized this structure could be many things besides architecture. 

I was three months away from having my first Orphan Agent Spy novel published, so I kept my mouth shut and questioned the images almost daily. I was not wanting to be embarrassed by opening my mouth before I had deeply questioned this image.

I had an advantage, from 1993-2004, I worked full time, on-site for large land developers.


Now, after working through this (below) series of these questions, I am 95% certain that the image briefly exposed by Google, is the impression of an ancient underground facility, being removed before the casino builders could stumble into it, as they dig its foundation.


Let's take a closer look, to see what you think: 


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